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Letter: Happy holidays?

Once again, the pundits and their disciples — apparently with more leisure than they can cope with — turn purple with rage over mention of the word “holidays.”

I guess I’m conspiring with Jews, Muslims, atheists and Satan in recognizing that Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 are — gasp! — holidays. That’s a “war on Christmas”?

We’re much closer to a war on Advent. The fourth Sunday before Christmas begins the season of fasting and praying in anticipation of the coming of the Christ child. The Christmas season begins with the Christmas Eve service and continues into the second week of January. You’d never know that, with Black Friday beginning on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and video of Sarah Palin advocating keeping shopping — with no mention of Christ’s birthday — in Christmas.

At the risk of being accused of heresy by Rush Limbaugh, I wish Jesus a happy birthday and Sarah a Merry Advent.

— Geoff  Kennedy


Anchorage Daily News