Market Fresh: Give the gift of Alaska seafood to loved ones far away

Steve Edwards
Erik Hill

For many, it's time to send a taste of Alaska to friends and family Outside.

The holidays often mean a crab meal or a taste of Alaska salmon for those unfortunate to live so far from the source. Here are some seafood highlights for those with long shopping lists.

10th & M Seafoods: This time of year, crab is king. And king crab is, well, king-iest!

10th & M has 5- and 10-pound packages of golden and red king crab legs and claws. And there are many other seafood options too.

"For the people that are looking to send a little Alaskan holiday cheer to surprise someone or a holiday party it could not be any easier," says Dannon Southall of 10th & M. "Our gift packs range from 5 pounds of king salmon fillets at $159 to a large assortment of Alaska seafood at $385. Prices include FedEx overnight delivery or we can fill any box with a selection that you pick out.

"One important thing to remember is the last day of shipping to have the product delivered before Christmas is Monday, December 23rd and the order would need to be placed by the 22nd."

For more information or a look at the full list of options, visit

Copper River Seafoods: A variety of options, including smoked salmon, frozen halibut or salmon, and crab -- red king, golden king or snow. Prices start at $21 for smoked sockeye salmon and the Denali Alaskan Seafood Feast is $269 for 3 pounds of red king crab, 4 pounds of halibut and 3 pounds of sockeye salmon. Shipping is included in prices. For more information, visit

New Sagaya's Markets: Similar options are available at New Sagaya, including loads of crab, including a 3-pound red king crab package. Variety packages include crab, halibut, salmon, smoked salmon and sausage. For more information or to order, visit

Tilgners Ruby Red Smoked Salmon: The Ninilchik salmon smoking company has items available at local farmers markets, but packages can also be shipped. Orders can be as small as an individual 4 ounce package or much larger, including 16 8-ounce packages. Visit for more information. "Our product in 4 ounce and 8 ounce pre-sliced packages is ideal for Christmas gifts for salmon lover friends and family in far places," owner Art Tilgner says.

Arctic Choice Seafood: Stop by the South Anchorage Winter Market to grab some fresh seafood for yourself and set up an order for someone else too.

Among the options available are: Salmon Combination ($175), which includes 2 pounds of red king salmon, sockeye salmon and coho salmon fillets, along with 2 pounds of smoked king fillet and 2 pounds of salmon meat; Alaskan Combination ($320), which includes 1.25 pounds of size 20/30 scallops, 2 pounds of red king salmon fillet, 2 pounds of sockeye salmon fillet, two 13-ounce red king crab legs, 2 pounds razor clam meats, 2 pound halibut fillet and 2 pounds of size 21/30 spot shrimp; and a variety of sizes of red king crab legs only packages. Arctic Choice has several prepared packages or the ability to build your own gift pack. Prices include shipping. Stop by the market from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday upstairs at the Dimond Center.

Get your seafood

While it's nice to think about gifts for others, it's also a good idea to plan your own meals. And there is still plenty of fresh Alaska seafood to choose from.

"With the weather improving a little on the fishing grounds in Southeast, the fisherman were able to get out and catch a few of the wonderful winter troll kings. We will have both head-on fish in house as well as fillets," Southall says.

Also, Gulf of Alaska fresh cod fillets are in the store at $6.95 per pound, while live Alaska oysters are $12.95 per dozen and live clams are $6.95 per pound.

At the markets

The Center Market at The Mall at Sears (10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday) will have a number of regular vendors on hand.

Tilgner's Ruby Red Smoked Salmon is back and "ready for an encore," Tilgner says. He highlights the health qualities of his smoked salmon. "For a brine-cured product the sodium is very low. Despite this we meet the federal water/phase/salt requirements for non-frozen fish."

Rempel Family Farm will have 11 varieties of potatoes, sugar pumpkins, jumbo pink banana squash, acorn squash, red kuri squash, stripetti squash, spaghetti squash, beets, green cabbage, parsnips, rutabagas, daikon radish and carrots. They are at the Wednesday market.

A.D. Farm is "still going strong with lots of wonderful produce, pork and eggs," says Alex Davis. Look for carrots in three colors, potatoes, beets, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, fresh eggs, a large selection of pork products and several Alaska-produced barley products.

Alaska Vegan & Gluten Free will have new roasted Brussels sprouts, along with many of the regular items including spinach mushroom soup, split pea soup, roasted beets and sweet potato soup, carrot ginger soup, red beans and rice topped with pico de gallo, corn chips and baguettes.

South Anchorage Winter Market: In addition to the Arctic Choice seafood options, several of the regulars will be on hand. Among them are Mat Valley Meats, Stockwell Family Farm and Glacier Valley Farm.

And there will be a little taste of something sweet this week.

"This weekend we will be trying something new," says Arthur Keyes of Glacier Valley Farm and the market organizer. "We will be featuring a Valencia orange farmer from California. These oranges are fresh from Visalia, California. They are new crop seeded Valencia oranges perfect for the holidays!"

The market is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.

Order some bread

Rise & Shine Bakery is taking orders starting Thursday for bread to be delivered Dec. 18. The options include: dark chocolate and cherry, fruited almond, fresh rosemary, levain and spent grain.

Visit for more information or to order.


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