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Letters: Changing climate means more ice

In Wednesday’s sports section, John Shandelmeier and Seth Kantner wrote excellent articles remembering winters past. Shandelmeier recalled the solitude of running the Quest at 40 below, while Kantner pined for past winters’ chill instead of freezing rain and storm-battered river ice.

Alaskans love our winter for sports, hunting and ice fishing, but we’re getting more rain and less snow. Kantner questions the survivability of the animals that surround him and whether he will continue to find food in the wild. He wonders whether we can trust winter to be anything but dark and asks what he can do about this changing climate and weakened winters. 

It is certainly time to do something. Perhaps the most effective thing we can do is put a price on carbon pollution. As we now know, even Exxon, GE and Delta Airlines are already including a carbon fee of $60 per ton into their financial plans. If they can live with it, we certainly can. Then maybe the Quest won’t have to be run in the rain.

— George Donart