Letters: Seward Highway can be safer

In response to Rolf Bilet’s letter to the editor on Dec. 13 claiming the Seward highway isn’t really dangerous:

As a frequent driver of both the Seward and the Glenn highways I must disagree. Although bad driving is definitely a large part of the problem on the Seward, that same bad driving happens on the Glenn with seldom a fatality. The Seward is inherently unsafe — ice falling on a car and crushing it, rocks tumbling down onto the road almost daily, the ice buildup on the road from moisture produced by Turnagain Arm. Almost every accident on the Seward is a head-on collision, often fatal. On the Glenn the cars are all going in the same direction because of it being a divided highway and it seldom if ever has head-ons.

Alaska advertises the beauty of the Seward Highway, and indeed it is a scenic highway second to none. We owe it to ourselves and the tourists we lure up here to provide a safer road then currently exists.

— Fred Klouda Jr.