Letter: Making winter streets safer

It’s past that time of the year again, where snow showers turn into snow storms, where rain showers turn into freezing rain, and where a clear road turns into a disaster waiting to happen. With winter being a huge part of the year for Alaskans, you would think that the roads would be better handled. Yet, many accidents happen throughout the winter months. 

The road conditions on the highway are just fine, as long as you get on them after the scrapers have come through. But what of the side roads, where the snow is still bad? Or the fact that it could snow for hours and no scrapers would be by to scrape the snow before it is flattened down to the pavement and frozen overnight? It is understandable that the scrapers cannot be everywhere at once, but can we not employ more of them? If we were to employ more, the streets will be safer during the winter, and not nearly as many accidents would happen.

— Terry Pettry