Letter: Respect the beliefs of others

Respect the beliefs of others

A dear friend is atheist. I am Christian. They are ashamed of what some atheist organizations are doing, as am I with “holier-than-thou” preachers whose words are much louder than their actions.

Atheists — You don’t believe in God. Why should it matter what a Christian believes? Why is it important to make your beliefs more prevalent during the Christmas season? Why would anyone try and take something so sacred and joyous as Christmas away from those who believe different than you?

Christians — If someone says there is no God, your faith alone should prevail. Knowing the love of Christ by example is what we, as Christians, are asked to do. Christ is in our hearts … that can never be taken away or stop you from praying for anyone at anytime.

Stop all the fussing and focus on what is right in your hearts. Respect others and treat them the way you want to be treated. Only good can come from this.

— Kimberlee Larrabee