Another way of looking at the first half in the WCHA

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

By traditional standards -- i.e. points earned -- UAA sits in a three-way tie for fifth place in the 10-team WCHA at the holiday break.

Here are the standings, with league records and points:

1) Ferris State, 10-0-2, 22 points

2) Minn. St.-Mankato, 9-3-0, 18 points

3) Bowling Green, 6-6-2, 14 points

Bemidji State, 5-5-4, 14 points

5) Lake Superior State, 6-6-0, 12 points

UAA, 5-7-2, 12 points

Michigan Tech, 4-4-4, 12 points

8) Northern Michigan, 4-5-1, 9 points

UAF, 4-7-1, 9 points

10) Ala.-Huntsville, 1-11-0, 2 points

But -- obviously, some teams have played more games than others. So, if we were to break the teams down by winning percentage in league games, and taking into account games played -- for instance UAA has played 14 league games, half the schedule, and Northern Michigan has played just 10 -- the alternative standings look different (granted, points as the standings are now have been earned; nothing to say NMU, for instance, gains any ground on UAA in its next four league games): Note that UAA would be eighth, which is important because only the top eight teams at regular season's end make the playoffs.

No matter how you measure it, of course it's a nice start for the Seawolves, given they are 8-8-2 overall after winning just four games all last season (even in a weakened WCHA this season, that's a vast improvement and certainly more feel-good).

Anyhow, here are alternate standings based on winning percentage and games played:

1) Ferris State, .917 winning percentage in 12 games

2) Mankato, .750 in 12 games

3) Lake Superior, .500 in 12 games

4) Bowling Green, .500 in 14 games (one more league win that Bemidji)

5) Bemidji State, .500 in 14 games

6) Northern Michigan, .450 in 10 games

7) Michigan Tech, .500 in 12 games

8) UAA, .429 in 14 games

9) UAF, .375 in 12 games

10) Ala.-Huntsville, .083 in 12 games 

All this comes with a giant caveat: Half the WCHA season remains for UAA, and for most of the clubs in the league, more than half their league games remain to be played.