Anything goes: What's up with your pack?

Mike Lewis /

I've been remiss at posting "Anything Goes" topics lately, so here's one in case there's anything you'd like to discuss. Use this space as your personal bulletin board for all things dog.

For me, it's still the cold and snow in my thoughts. When it's below zero, even Lucy, my Chessie, picks up her paws when she doesn't have booties on. The Yorkies stick pretty close to me, indicating there's nothing more fun out there than following me eventually home. 

The attached picture illustrates our struggles with cold and snowy walks. It was -8F out, and we'd just completed a lap around the park. I even told the dogs we were heading home. At the last second, I decided I liked the light, so I backed up 20 feet away from the trail home and called Eddie and Lucy to me. If that look on both of their faces is not the "stink eye," I don't know what is. Eddie refused to come to me. Lucy begrudgingly came. Both were happy to hit the trail for home.

Thursday was actually a welcome change. The sun was out, the temperature was up to 10 degrees, and Jillie and Lucy seemed to enjoy it. The thick snow hadn't been plowed at the park, and Lucy favored her unbootied paws. Must have been the texture and makeup of the snow, because it wasn't that cold.

What's up with your pack?