Letter: City slips on plowing sidewalks

I am very disappointed with the sidewalk plowing in Anchorage. We have many people here in the city that walk or bike, I for one ride my bicycle all year round with a toddler in a trailer in the back. It is very difficult to ride on an unplowed sidewalk with a trailer behind you. So we have to resort to riding on the side of the road. Walking or riding on the side of the road is very dangerous, obviously. I know the city is trying to save money by not plowing as much as they do the roadways but this can cause accidents or even deaths. Not all people who drive know how to drive safely. I am especially sad that some people driving on the road feel it necessary to shout rude things or honk at us as we bicycle or walk on the side of the road. The city needs to be more conscious of the pedestrians of Anchorage and stop hurting us by not plowing the sidewalks.

— Maria Edwards