Letters: Readers comment on tennis courts

Fix up the old Alaska Club

The city needs to take the money, purchase and refurbish the old Alaska Club courts on Bragaw.

First of all, why build another building and leave one to be an eyesore? That building is in a more centralized location to begin with. Then use any leftover money to apply to the ice rink issues.

Mayor Sullivan doesn't seem to get it.

-- Mary Headle



Split the money

Divide the money but use user fees for upkeep only.

-- Charles Standridge



Use extra for maintenance

Common sense tells me that option 2, fixing up the already existing tennis courts and using any extra money toward maintenance of the hockey ice rinks, is the best option.

-- Mary Spalding



Let money help school district

I think the money would be better spent in our local school district. This money would help alleviate the ASD budget gap. It would also aid in decreasing our classroom sizes, decreasing our student to teacher ratio. Our students deserve better opportunities from and within our public education system.

-- Rhianne Waggood



French royalty? No, our mayor

We have our very own version of Marie Antoinette right here in Anchorage! Whereas she, upon hearing her people were starving and had no bread, allegedly said, "Let them eat cake!" Mayor Dan Sullivan says, "Let them play tennis!"

I urge the people in Anchorage to let Mayor Sullivan know we want a fiscally conservative government. It's not government's place to provide tennis courts. It's their job to stop crime, put out fires, keep the roads clear, ensure clean water and air, and maintain the public buildings that thousands of Anchorage residents use -- not a small clique in tennis whites.

To contact Mayor Sullivan: his work phone is (907) 343-7100 and his email is mayor@muni.org

-- Denise Yancey



Pressing needs come first

I think if the appropriation can be used for more pressing needs (school, infrastructure, etc.), then it should be used for those purposes. If it must be used for some kind of sporting facility, then a division between tennis courts and ice arena seems fairest.

-- Marilee Reinhart-Davieau