Letter: Look inside your heart for the light this Christmas season

All over the world there is a heart hurting. Not one day but every day. There are people who will awaken Christmas Day not to gifts or family or friends, they will awaken to the sorrow that simply takes them on a journey of the soul. They will lose a loved one, they will be alone, sick, hungry, abused, or just down on their luck. They will feel a “need” that they can’t seem to fill. It is called “empty.”

How can you help all these people? There is a light inside each one of us, call it what you may. It shines very brightly especially during this season. You don’t have to go far to touch those who are hurting this Christmas; just go inside your heart, with a simple thought or a prayer. This Christmas I hope that each one of us can turn the light on in our hearts. It takes just a flicker to light the world with love, peace and hope. Merry Christmas.

— Barbara Barrett