The Aces' injuries keep piling up

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Last hockey season, 21 different Alaska Aces missed games with injuries, according to an unofficial count kept by The Blog, and they missed a total of 334 games. That's the most guys injured and the most games missed in the five full seasons we have been tracking such info.

So far this season, the Aces are on just about that same brutal pace, at least in terms of games missed.

Through Saturday's 5-3 win over Utah, 10 different Aces have missed a combined 111 games to injuries. That's an average of 4.44 games missed per team game played. Do the math on the ECHL's 72-game season and that comes out to 320 games missed.

And the Aces might have another candidate in winger Brendan Connolly, who took a brutal slash to the face tonight (see previous post). No word on how much damage he suffered and/or whether it extended beyond obvious dental distress.

Course, with these hockey players, you learn to never jump to conclusions. As a lot, they are tougher than differential equations, and generally pride themselves both on playing hurt and coming back from injuries sooner than expected.