Alaska Ear: Oh-oh (12/22/13)

OH-OH . . . Is Byron Mallott in trouble with his "base?" A fund-raiser for Parnell Tuesday drew a bunch of Native corporation bigwigs, including Helvi Sandvik of Nana Development, Gail Schubert of Bering Straits, Gloria O'Neil of Cook Inlet Tribal Council, North Slope Borough Mayor Charlotte Brower, and Carl Marrs of Old Harbor.

Or is the dividing line development rather than ethnicity?

EXIT SLAM . . . Now that right-wing radio trash talker Casey Reynolds has been gone a month, the rumors about what he's doing in his new life have begun. The current unsubstantiated story is that he's applied to be the mouthpiece for the American Federation of Teachers in Kansas City, which is pretty funny given his screeching against unions, teachers, public education, etc. In other words, it's probably too good to be true.

In search of some facts, Ear went to the source of all truth: Facebook, where Reynolds left a snark about the new hosts of his old show not being right enough:

"How bout we do a station tagline contest. I suggest, "KFQD is the New Blue."

Not likely. The program producer said they're trying out a bunch of hosts and will make a decision about Reynolds' replacement after the New Year.

OUT AND ABOUT . . . Spotted shaking hands with the Obamas (yes, those Obamas) at a White House Christmas party last week, Kathy and Kevin Gottlieb of Southcentral Foundation. The part that really impressed an earwig is what Kathy truthfully said to the President when he shook her hand:

"Nice to see you again."

WE LOVE ALASKA . . . Why, you ask? Because the explanation for a brief power outage on East End Road in Homer produced the following exchange between two officials at the Homer Electric Association.

Report: "Power has been restored. Cause was two eagles fighting slapped the line together."

Reply: "Who else has to deal with this kind of stuff. It is a jungle out there!"

KUDOS . . . Congrats to former ADN writer Tom Kizzia -- again. His "Pilgrim's Wilderness" has been named best book of the year by Mother Jones magazine. It's the story of the Papa Pilgrim tribe.

Earwigs who can read will recall it was also named one of the top 10 books of 2013 by Amazon.

COMING HOME . . . KTVA News has added another new reporter to its roster: Charlo Green, from WOWK, the CBS affiliate in Charleston-Huntington, West Virginia. Green grew up in Alaska and is a graduate of West High.

IT'S THE U.S., REALLY. . . An earwig who checked the tape reports the following moment from the final episode of this year's Amazing Race, which took place in Juneau.

The racers had to helicopter to a glacier, chip out a clue and then, for some reason, catch a taxi. (Probably for the same reason the rest of us take cabs in Juneau -- to catch a plane).

Anyhow, as they got in the cab on the last leg of their long trip around the world, the leading couple shouted the essential question everyone wants to know about their Juneau cabbie (to quote the reporting earwig):

"Do you speak English?"

The Omniscient Orifice can't swear to this moment since the comment had apparently been edited out by the time pokey Ear got to the tape. But you know it could have happened.

ROCKIN' HARD . . . When the Hard Rock Cafe opens here next spring, they'll be selling pins and t-shirts designed by Stefan Wilson of Wasilla. The company announced Wednesday he won their state-wide design contest.

Stefan, 43, works for the Mat-Su School District. He calls his art style "animated-surreal." Ear calls it pretty cool.

Compiled by Sheila Toomey Message Sheila at 257-4341 or