Letter: There are guarantees in life, if you’re one of the privileged

I was raised with the idea that there are no guarantees in life. So I set my course knowing that whatever outcome I faced would be by my choosing and direction. I would take the risk and reward, whatever they might be.

I dutifully paid my taxes, invested in my retirement plan, and busted my butt to recover from the losses in my investments due to stock manipulation and government intervention.

Then I found out there are guarantees in life, especially if you are a public sector union member or Congress. Their retirement and subsidies are guaranteed by you, the taxpayer. Investments may rise and fall for the rest of us but no matter what, you will guarantee their retirement. You will guarantee payment for the unfunded liabilities, their health insurance, their investment losses, etc. … You will guarantee a comfortable retirement for them, but there are no guarantees for you! Now that’s what I call spreading the wealth around and paying your fair share.

— Mark Wilcox