Letter: Mayor used the ol’ bait-switch

So let me get this straight: While a new library was opened in Mountain View, our mayor closed the one in the Dimond Center. It wasn’t until it was shut down that we found out we weren’t even paying rent for the space. We were told that we couldn’t afford the upkeep, the employees etc., to keep it open, but now here’s $4 million that they want to spend to build a new facility for tennis. Our mayor did a bait and switch with the Dimond Library.

I don’t have a problem with the upgrades but I know a lot of other people would rather that the $4 million be spent on an existing facility. The mayor seems to only support things that he’s interested in. What about the personnel for this facility, where are we finding the money for that?

Thankfully our mayor can’t run again. Assembly members, however, should be aware that we are watching them and they can be replaced.

— Cameron Bonham