Letter: Move capital to Anchorage

After reading the article about the new lease on the legislative office in Anchorage, I was of course appalled. The conditions of the new lease, (the state paying the property tax and maintenance), sound more like a mortgage than a lease. If the people of the state of Alaska are going to pay for everything, they should also get the deed. 

We are going to be paying double what we were for the same building at a time when we are looking at budget shortfalls. 

I can see updated heating and lighting, but do the legislators really need glass elevators and maple bathroom stall doors? 

Why are we paying for a Capitol building in Juneau as well as a big office building in Anchorage? It’s as if we have two capitals. 

I know how we could save the state a ton of money. Officially move the capital to Anchorage. Save a lot on per diem and housing as well as on the crumbling Capitol building. 

I’ll bet Conoco Phillips would rent the state a couple of floors in their big office building, cheap.

— Lori Wilkins