Letter: Haycox provides a calm, factual presence in a turbulent world

I am a big fan of Professor Steve Haycox. He never seems to get the accolades he deserves, only the occasional condemnation from the far right for his “radical” views, even though his essays are always balanced, nuanced, erudite and  something the neocons and tea partiers just don’t get — factual and rooted in history.

His article on Nov. 15 on Alaskans’ perpetual need to whine about “overreach” by the feds while traditionally accepting federal support and largesse, and his subsequent column on the socialist trend sweeping up those disgusted with corporate greed and consumerism (true populism come full circle) were especially brilliant.

And he always relates these themes  back to Alaska and what has made Alaska what it is today.

Thanks to Professor Haycox for being a calm voice of reason in a world of sound and fury.

— Laura Brakeman