Letter: With declining revenues, state should use its building on Ninth

Rep. Mike Hawker is a CPA, not a babe in woods; his cost estimation to justify a backdoor deal on legislative office space is no different than his gas line bill, HB 4, a 36-inch gas pipeline from the North Slope to Cook Inlet, which Hawker peddled to the Legislature as costing only $8 billion. The Parnell, Conoco, BP and Exxon 42-inch alignment gas cost is estimated at $45 billion to $65 billion or more — six to eight times as much as Hawker’s proposed line.

The legislative office building is a scam and reporter Lisa Demer and the Daily News are to be thanked for exposing that scam, for it took a lot of time, interviews and research.

The State of Alaska leases 900,000 square feet of office space in Anchorage and around the state in the face of declining revenues. I suggest the Legislature ask AHFC to complete the block AHFC owns on Ninth Avenue and undertake the construction of major office buildings to house state offices.

— Jerry McCutcheon