Letter: No matter how it’s sliced, it’s still our government

Is government too large? Do you believe that local and state governments, or just federal, are too large? If the latter, are you in favor of greater decentralization? I am too, wherever it might work better.

Most federal spending is for the military, Social Security, and Medicare and Medicaid. Everything else is relatively trivial. So if you’re concerned about deficits and debt — which, in our present circumstances, I’m not — those three areas are where you need to cut (or else raise taxes). Do you advocate cutting the military? Or Social Security? Or Medicare and Medicaid?

Or is it other aspects of government you don’t like, such as regulation? Regulations can certainly be improved. Better regulations might have prevented the financial collapse of 2008 and consequent continuing depression. On the other hand, deregulation was one of the contributing factors to that ongoing catastrophe.

Are you an anarchist? Would you rather do away with government entirely?

Some say we should just get together and organize what services we want. But that’s what we call government.

— Rick Wicks