Letter: Poorly aligned headlights blind nighttime drivers

In Alaska, this time of year, if you intend to go some distance away and return you will probably drive some of it in the dark. Icy roads and a medley of headlights greet you during this portion of your journey. Some lights are pointed down and some are stubbornly pointed up and some autos sport a duo or quad of lights pointing in both directions. Blue lights are also becoming more common and more blinding. The stubborn high-beamers can be mildly chastised by flicking your lights but the cross-eyed headlight owners blithely shine one light continuously in approaching eyes bent on desperately maintaining a connection with the road shoulder.

I think it’s illegal to have unaligned lights on your vehicle, but I guess it’s difficult to enforce this law — so it’s not enforced.

I’ll bet a little attention by the law might get a few people to care a bit. There’s really a gold mine opportunity here for a business specializing in aligning headlights.

 Our motto: Welcome to Alaska and Scary Nighttime Driving.

— Dick Palmatier