Police investigation continues into collision that killed cyclist

Devin Kelly,Tegan Hanlon

Anchorage police are still piecing together evidence in a fatal crash Thursday in West Anchorage, where a bicyclist died after he was struck by a Subaru.

An investigation into the crash is ongoing, and more information likely will not be released until next week, police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said Friday. No charges have been filed.

The identity of the cyclist has also not yet been disclosed.

"We have his identity but we are trying to notify next of kin who are out-of-state," Castro said in an email.

At least two people called 911 about 2:45 p.m. to report the collision on Thursday, when a gray Subaru hit the man on Northern Lights Boulevard just west of Minnesota Drive, Castro said.

"He was crossing southbound and was struck in the middle lane of traffic," Castro said.

When police arrived, the man was unconscious. Paramedics took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, Castro said.

Michael Conti, an Anchorage artist and photographer, drove past the scene of the accident while returning from a shopping trip Thursday.

He saw a body, and debris in the road. A woman was picking up the twisted rear wheel of a mountain bike. Broken gears, sprockets and cranks littered the street.

"And I saw everybody's faces," Conti said, adding that between 5-10 cars had stopped. "Just looking pretty horrified."

The Subaru was parked in the center lane with the passenger-side windshield smashed in, he said. It also appeared that the victim was wearing a black snowboarding helmet, and a backpack.

Conti said he only found out later that the man had died.

"So here's to you, tragic cyclist," he wrote later on Facebook. "It could have been any of us."

The year 2013 saw a total of 50 bicycle-vehicle crashes, but no fatalities, Castro said.

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