Letter: Obama continues to send our nation down the tubs

Can you not see the destruction this despicable president of these divided states has created, and continues doing daily to our America? Liar of the Year, that is his legacy, among other things … Ignoring the Constitution, not having the backs of our Americans that he basically let die in Benghazi … I could go on and on. He is on an agenda to cause America to fall into financial crisis, causing civil uprising within America, to which he will declare martial law. Obama is against everything America stands for and was built on … integrity, freedom, independence, and plain old hard work. He drew a red line with Syria but was not man enough to back up his hot air! But he sure is getting tough on those nuns that help the poor and elderly that are close to the end of their lives. What a man! It’s a shame not one of our elected officials in Washington will stand up to this man who lied his way into the White House. Wake up, America, this is no longer the great nation it once was … and may never be again.

— Rolf L. Bilet