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Letter: Public good outweighs the crime

Ruth Marcus (comment), in the Jan. 1 Daily News, goes to great lengths to diminish the personhood of Edward Snowden and to continue our government’s attempts to describe him as a traitor, rather than as a whistle-blower. I wonder if this is because she writes for The Washington Post, located close to the center of our government.

My new year was made happier to find that the editorial boards of The New York Times and the Guardian have requested that President Obama change his perception of Edward Snowden to that of whistle-blower and reduce the charges under which he would be prosecuted. Editors of the Guardian suggest there is a case for pardoning Snowden.

According to one poll I have seen, 55 percent (plus or minus 3 percent) of Americans perceive Snowden as demonstrating courage and sacrifice to let us know what our government is doing in our name. I am one of them.

I am also happier to know that 82 percent of American participants are in opposition to the war in Afghanistan.

— Hugh R. Hays

Veteran for Peace