Letter: Thanks from the band

Thank you. I am the director of the Colony Marching Band, “THEE Northern Sound.” Recently, the band was able to have their dream come true. The band performed at the 125th Tournament of Roses Parade and Band Fest. We were able to attend the 100th Rose Bowl game, perform in the New Year’s Eve Disneyland Parade, and participate in studio recording workshops with professional musicians.

The performing opportunities, and overcoming the hurdles they present, are instrumental in helping students learn to dream, set goals and work hard. They learn that opportunities are created through determination, teamwork and creativity; that obstacles will always present themselves; and that preparation and perseverance are essential. The students worked hard in representing themselves, their school and the community.

Thank you for your donations of time, resources, money, talents and words as the students learned, fundraised, practiced and performed. We consider it an honor to have been the first band in Alaska to perform in the Rose Parade.

— Jamin Burton