Letter: Lawmakers need to step in and change the provisions of HB 77

HB 77 is a severe infringement on our democracy, the democratic process, and the due process of law for the people of Alaska.

Members of the armed forces are serving in Afghanistan today, and thousands of men and women have served our country in past wars and given their lives fighting for our freedom and democratic way of life. HB 77 is a contradiction to their sacrifice. It deprives individual citizens of their right to question the actions of the government by limiting public meetings and public input, and by placing decision-making into the hands of one person — the commissioner of natural resources.

Legislators need to veto or amend HB 77 whereby the people of Alaska have more voice in the decision-making process; safeguards are put in place to protect the environment and the fisheries; the power of decision-making is not in the hands of just one person; and that the laws currently on the books stay on the books and not be overridden by HB 77.

— Bob McCard