Bail increased for man charged in Mountain View shooting

Casey Grove
Bill Roth

An Anchorage man shot in the head early Tuesday outside his Mountain View apartment remains hospitalized and on life support, his mother said Wednesday.

In the meantime, new details emerged in the charges filed Wednesday against Talon Draper, 19, accused of shooting his neighbor, Jermaine Twiley, 22.

According to the charging document, this is what happened:

Twiley and his girlfriend were yelling at each other inside an apartment at 3424 Thompson Ave. during the early morning hours Tuesday.

Draper told detectives later that the fight woke his mother and brother, who had been sleeping while he played video games. One of his family members called 911. Officers arrived and talked to Twiley and the girlfriend separately.

"The female was uncooperative with police and refused to describe what happened or provide any information," the charges said. "Without more information, the officers left the area."

About an hour later, neighbors heard the couple yelling again. The girlfriend was screaming for someone to call 911.

This time, Draper dialed 911. He also got a .22-caliber rifle out of his bedroom closet and loaded it. He went to the door of the family's third-floor apartment -- the door appears to open onto a walkway -- and saw Twiley running down the street.

"He yelled for Twiley to stop and fired his gun twice, striking Twiley in the back of the head," the charges say.

Back inside the apartment, Draper asked his family to call 911 because the man he had shot needed help. Draper told his mother "he screwed up," according to the charges.

Officers found Twiley lying facedown in the street with a gunshot wound to the back of his head, according to the charges. Medics rushed him to a hospital, where he underwent surgery that involved removing part of his skull, the charges say.

A police spokeswoman said officers took Draper into custody for an interview with detectives. Homicide Unit chief Slawomir Markiewicz said Draper told detectives he saw Twiley reach for something while he was in the street and shot in defense of someone else: the girlfriend in the altercation, who was still back at the apartment. Markiewicz said there was no evidence that anyone else was near Twiley, who was unarmed.

Draper was charged with first-degree assault and arrested several hours after the shooting, with bail originally set at $20,000, police said. He made his initial court appearance in jail Wednesday afternoon.

Draper said he could not afford to hire his own lawyer, and Judge Gregory Motyka asked questions about Draper's finances to see if he qualified for a court-appointed attorney. Draper said he was unemployed and supported himself with disability payments, and Motyka said he would appoint a lawyer.

Motyka also raised Draper's bail, adding $10,000 to be paid by cash only.

"Can I say something, or no?" Draper asked.

"It's not a good idea that you say anything," Motyka said. "Talk to your attorney."

"What about invoking my right to a speedy trial?" Draper asked.

"You will have your right to a speedy trial," Motyka said.

Draper's family members, in court for the hearing, declined to comment afterward.

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