The Blog is back! And so psyched to be home (meh, sort of)

Doyle Woody,Adn Staff

Hey kids, did you miss The Blog?

Oh, cuz he so missed you. You know, all that time off, all that sunshine, all those good books and beverages, all that time with Mrs. Blog -- well, geez, it was just awful.

The whole time, The Blog was thinking, 'Man, can't wait to get back to the keyboard.'

Oh, wait, that's right, we never actually had that thought, at least not for more than a nanosecond.

But the banker insists on mortgage payments, the corporate suits continue to decline giving us unlimited paid vacation and, truly, we did miss pucks a tad by the end of the trip.

Back here, we see that Aces winger Jordan Kremyr got promoted to Abbotsford, that winger David Eddy is back from Abbotsford, that goalie Alex Kangas got traded to San Francisco for future considerations -- oh, Alex, we hardly knew you; seriously, didn't even meet you, dude -- and that Utah's Kris Hogg got 14 games for that slash to the face of Aces winger Brendan Connolly, who is still out after getting his face wrecked.

We also discovered that UAA prepared for its home series against Minnesota State-Mankato by, um, spending the week in Minneapolis? OK, man, talk about the worst missed flight ever. Course, we heard something about lousy weather back in the Lower 48, but didn't get many details -- it was hard to hear over the waves lapping onto the beach.

Best missed flight ever? We once missed one out of Newark -- sorta, um, overslept after a night out with Gomez. Scotty was a champ, got on the horn and smoothed it out with The Blog's girlfriend back then, who was a big pucks fan and pretty psyched Scotty called her and took the blame for the missed flight, which was not even remotely his fault.

In any event, we're back, presumably for the rest of the season -- hey, it's print journalism, who knows when the next layoffs are coming? -- so we'd appreciate it if you'd check in occasionally and we'll try to keep you updated on what's happening in Alaska hockey circles.