Lost Dog: Cotton the Maltese

Courtesy Cotton's parents

Dogblog note: Below is a Facebook post from a friend of mine, Julie, who was a big part of the Dog Blog during its early days. A Maltese owned by a dear friend of hers escaped on the Hillside, and there's a massive effort to get her back.

If you have information, the dog's owner's number is on the picture or you can contact me directly at mlewis@adn.com


From Julie:

I have a dear friend who has lost her dog, Cotton. You may have seen the posters all over town, or my postings on facebook, or even the Missing Dog: Cotton page on facebook. It seems that my friend’s husband took their menagerie of dogs out on a skijoring trip. There are at least three dogs that I know of; Blossom the bloodhound, Bug, and Cotton, the tiny 6 lb white Maltese. Cotton has accompanied the group several times and has no trouble keeping up. On this trip, my friend was extremely hesitant about allowing Cotton to go, but ended up giving in anyway. The group launched at Service High School, through the trails and to the parking lot at Hillside where Abbott Road turns into Hillside Drive. The sun was going down, the parking lot lights were on. There were tons of skiers heading from Hilltop down to the parking lot. The group crossed through the skiers when a loud banging from a nearby dump truck spooked Cotton. She disappeared into the crowd and has not been seen since.

After many days of searching the trails for Cotton, putting posters up in the area, at all the vets and many, many trips to AACCC to search, daily craigslist postings, and the facebook page, it is now the hope that someone has picked Cotton up and she is safe in someone’s home. I am writing this letter to let you know about my friend, Cotton’s mom, Debra.

Debra is probably THE most unselfish person I have ever had the privilege and honor to know. She will always put her needs or desires aside if there is someone else in need. She would quite literally give someone, anyone, the shirt off her back if they needed it. She has been quite active with animal rescue, fostering and finding good homes for many, many dogs. If she believes in something, she will sacrifice whatever it takes, even to her own detriment, to stand up for what she believes is right. She is someone I always want to have on my side, because she is someone I know - no matter what - will have my back. She works for hospice at Providence and, as she puts it, has the privilege of helping people and their families as they are dying. I think she loves her patients so much, even the difficult ones, that it is bound to take a little something from her every time one of her patients dies, and they all die. She takes comfort in knowing that she has given as much of herself as possible to that person, and that her being there has made that journey a little easier on that person at that time. She is kind, compassionate, and patient. She loves with all her heart. She is unconditional with her love- and I say this with the utmost respect - … just like a dog.

If by some miracle, you have taken Cotton in to your home, and you are reading this, I beg of you to get in touch with Debra and return her beloved Cotton to her.