Letter: Bicyclist was beloved friend

I was very saddened to read the ADN online yesterday and find out that an old, dear friend of mine, Eldridge Griffith, had been identified as the cyclist who was struck and killed last Thursday (Story, Jan. 7). “Griff” was my counselor back in the late ’80s at McLaughlin Youth Center. He was very kind, understanding and compassionate. He was supersmart, very funny and athletic.

He rode to work back in the days before it became popular among the yuppies and hippies. Sadly, it was only a matter of time before he was killed. He made it 30-plus years, which is a long time in this extremely dangerous town. It is just too dangerous to ride in the winter. People in Anchorage don’t look before they turn. Griff, I know you would not be too happy about me writing this letter but I am tired of people getting killed riding their bikes in Anchorage. Hippies, yuppies and greenies: Use the bike trails and sidewalks. You can still walk around smugly and live to rub it in our faces.

— Robert A. Scott