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Letters: Isolated incident can’t ruin spirit

I am one of the women who hold up the large photo mural on Lake Otis Parkway. Last Wednesday, a young woman tried to destroy it or — failing that — to stuff it in her car and drive off. This was the only such incident in more than six years which illustrates once again what I learned after my house fire and confirmed working retail. Anchorage is good people.

But, back to the girl. She failed her duty as a citizen. Americans have obligations as well as rights. One of those is to let people we violently disagree with speak. Fred Phelps, you may recall, pickets funerals of soldiers and tells the bereaved their loved ones are burning in Hell. He came to town some years ago. I despise his beliefs so I went to his protests — and held up a sign. That’s how Americans do it.

— Pam Siegfried