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Letters: Why aren’t Israelis who oppose Palestinian policy called names?

When apologists for Israel, such as Charles Krauthammer, have run out of sensible arguments, they invariably resort to the same forms of deception. The “only democracy in the Middle East” mantra is wearing thin. When Israel must be compared with Egypt, Syria and Iran to look good, the problem is apparent. How about a comparison with Belgium or Sweden? Israel, in its treatment of the Palestinians, is most like apartheid South Africa. Should Israeli musicians and academics be able to travel freely when musicians and academics from Gaza are prevented from travelling to Ramallah? Many believe the answer should be no! This is why the boycott Israel movement is growing.

 Next, of course, the Holocaust has to be mentioned. Krauthammer never writes the words Gaza, West Bank, nor occupation, but he never fails to work in the Holocaust. Why? Finally, when all else fails, accusations of anti-Semitism are cast at any opponent of Israel’s brutal policies. There are many Jews, inside and outside Israel, who oppose this brutality. Are they anti-Semitic?

— Kenneth Baitsholts