Letter: Why be silent on gun writer?

The comment piece by columnist Leonard Pitts in the Wednesday ADN is a thoughtful exposition on how rigid and intolerant many of the supporters of the Second Amendment are. It is stunning how a single, simple comment about the legitimate regulation of guns by Dick Metcalf, a nationally recognized Second Amendment “fundamentalist” and columnist for  Guns & Ammo magazine, resulted in his summary termination by the magazine and the immediate cancellation of his TV program about guns. He even received death threats!

But equally stunning, in my view, is the complete silence by all those folks who rose in an immediate fierce defense of the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch for the “violation” of his speech rights when he was suspended from the program after he voiced his belief that the Bible condemns all gays to hell. Why aren’t Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News talking heads just as exercised in defense of Mr. Metcalf? Perhaps it is because, in their view, he said the “wrong” thing?

— Brad Owens


Anchorage Daily News