Unalaska police blotter

Harassment – Caller reported a woman, who has assaulted him before, had threatened to shove a radio down his throat and her male companion had threatened to kill him. At least one witness corroborated this statement. Under investigation.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Officer investigated a report of someone stealing a small quantity of heating fuel and learned that one person had asked another who had asked another who had failed to ask another for permission to take said heating fuel. The person actually responsible for the fuel was advised of the misunderstanding.

MVA Damage – A driver backed into a parked vehicle, causing damage to all taillights involved. No injuries were reported.

Welfare Check – Caller reported a man in dark clothing walking in the middle of a roadway in an area with poor visibility. An officer contacted the man, and was able to convey to him the importance of walking other than the middle of the roadway.

Assistance Rendered – Officers assisted EMS personnel with a drunk who was able to respond to questions with only a two-word, one-finger answer.

PC Alcohol – The drunk with the limited vocabulary was taken into protective custody after he was discharged from the clinic.

Assault – Caller reported that several youths were yelling at one another near the High School. Officers responded and found two inebriates who both admitted to having argued and shoved each other a few minutes earlier. Officer determined that no crime had been committed and suggested to the men that they go home for the night. The men hugged one another before going their separate ways.

 Disorderly Conduct – Officers responded to a boarding house after receiving a 911 hang-up call, and arrived to a thudding sound coming from within the residence. The men in the room from which the noise emanated immediately ceased wrestling when the officers arrived, and said their wrestling was a method of settling a disagreement upon which they refused to elaborate.

Traffic Crime – Caller reported a vehicle with unsecured propane tanks on the bed was crossing the South Channel Bridge. Officers contacted the driver of the suspect vehicle and advised him that several items, though not the propane tanks, were unsecured on the bed of his truck, and that the machete on the hood of his vehicle was obstructing his view of the roadway.


Read further highlights from the police log of the Unalaska Department of Public Safety here. For background on the UDPS police blotter, see "Dutch Harbor: The police blotter read 'round the world" (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 5, 2009)