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Letter: Kids need best, not cheapest

The budget crisis facing the ASD is not new, though it is more expansive. During my 30 years as an eighth-grade English teacher here in Anchorage, I’ve yet to find a time when there is “enough” money. However, the administration’s proposed answer to this year’s financial cuts (and those we face next year) will have a dramatic impact on classrooms, especially at the secondary level.

Simply put, adding 25-30 students to the workload of every secondary teacher equates to less time per pupil, both in the classroom and in the evaluation of their submitted assignments. Over the years, I’ve tried to demonstrate to my students the importance of standing behind their beliefs as well as the power of the written word. Today, I use my beliefs and words to urge the public to speak up, both to our local School Board and to the state Legislature. Our community needs to do what is best for our students, not what is cheapest.

— Diana Daniels