Point-Counterpoint: Introduction to regular Red-Blue America columnists

A new book by former Washington Post reporter Betty Medsger identifies the burglars who stole documents 43 years ago from an FBI field office in Media, Pa. Those documents, leaked to the Post, exposed the existence of Cointelpro, a massive domestic spying operation the FBI carried out for decades. The revelations led to widespread reforms in U.S. intelligence gathering policies.

Philadelphia Magazine dubbed left-wing activists John and Bonnie Raines "the Edward Snowdens of Philadelphia," referring to the former National Security Agency contractor who last year revealed details of some of the U.S. government's most closely guarded surveillance secrets in the war on terror.

Are the actions of John and Bonnie Raines four decades ago really comparable to Snowden's today? Does the U.S. government have too many secrets? Those questions are answered here by Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis, friends and political foes who ware the RedBlueAmerica columnists for McClatchy-Tribune News Service.