Main event ends in decision at Thursday Night at the Fights

Orlando Laws earned a three-round decision over Lamarr Matavao in the main event of this week’s Thursday Night at the Fights competition at the Egan Center.

Boxing and mixed martial arts competition continues with a card Thursday beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Thursday Night at the Fights

Main event — Orlando Laws def. Lamarr Matavao, three-round decision. Other fights — Beva Lagima def. Michael Naron, second-round TKO; Antonio Lechuga def. Mauola Pritt Fasio, three-round decision; James Barber def. Dimanche Lek, three-round decision. Ground and pound — Billy Sheldon def. Cheng Saelee, three-round decision; Mitchell Clark def. John Lemalu, first-round tapout; Tobie Cross def. Jolleen Naro, second-round TKO.

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