Letter: No wonder military veterans wonder if service is valued

I saw “Lone Survivor” earlier this week, and it raises a question: How many more? How many more young men can the U.S. expect to volunteer to act so selflessly and heroically? Every military member has given the president a blank check with a value up to and including his or her life. Additionally, every military member’s family and friends write smaller checks in sacrifice and the potential loss of a loved one. 

As a veteran, I know that military members do not do it for the money and benefits; however, at some point they have to see that their service is valued. When they see cuts in education benefits, VA medical care, Tricare, pharmacy and retirement pay and potential commissary closings, they begin to wonder if their service is truly valued. Add those cuts to the recent revelation that the president and other politicians have made military decisions based on what is good for their political careers and one has to wonder: How many more?

— Donald Shafer