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Linda Infante-Lyons paints with watercolors on a slope south of Flattop Mountain.
Marc Lester
Former Alaska Poet Laureate Tom Sexton at West Chester Lagoon.
Erik Hill

Three Alaskans are among the artists selected to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program at Denali National Park and Preserve this year. The participants, selected from 250 applicants, will spend one month at remote cabins in the park and contribute work that will be accessible to the public at visitors centers.

Selected artists include former Alaska Poet Laureate Tom Sexton, Anchorage painter Linda Infante Lyons and writer Nicole Stellon O’Donnell of Fairbanks.

Out of state participants include fabric artists Charlotte Bird and George-Ann Bowers, paper artist Lorraine Bubar and writer Angela Morales, all of California, and landscape painter Beau Carey of New Mexico. 

Most participants will be in residence during summer months, but Carey and O’Donnell will have their residencies during March. 

The nationwide Artist-in-Residence program has included Denali Park since 2002. During that time more than 45 artists and writers have taken part, as have two composers, who were invited under a process separate from the main program. 

The application period for next year will run from May 1 to Sept. 30, 2014. Individuals interested in applying can get information at

The full press release follows.

Denali National Park and Preserve Announces 2014 Artists-in-Residence

 DENALI PARK, Alaska:  The National Park Service has selected five visual artists and three writers from more than 250 applicants to participate in the 2014 Artist-in-Residence program at Denali National Park and Preserve this year. For the first time, the program has been expanded to include winter residencies, which will take place in March.

 Each artist-in-residence will offer a public presentation for visitors during their residency. They will also each donate a work inspired by their time in Denali to the park’s collection.  Pieces created by artists-in-residence from previous years will be on display in the Denali Visitor Center, Eielson Visitor Center, and the Murie Science and Learning Center during the 2014 visitor season. Information about the public presentation schedule as well as an online gallery of artist-in-residence artwork is available at

 The winter artists-in-residence will be housed at park headquarters, and conditions permitting, will also spend time at the Savage River patrol cabin at Mile 13 on the Denali Park Road.  The summer artists-in-residence will stay at the East Fork cabin, located at Mile 43 near the East Fork River.  “We are excited to be able to provide the opportunity for these very talented individuals to immerse themselves in Denali during the different seasons,” said Superintendent Don Striker. “What they create from their experiences in the park will be a source of inspiration for current and future visitors.”   The artists and writers who will experience Denali this year are:

 Charlotte Bird, a fabric artist from San Diego, California, has spent significant periods of the summer in and around Denali National Park during the past 35 years. This included a stay from March – September 1987 at the Hawk’s Nest in Kantishna. She is looking forward to exploring the small, the vast, and that web of relationships that make the park a special place. She plans to produce a suite of quilts focusing on the small and the subtle as they are influenced by that web. (August)

 George-Ann Bowers of Berkeley, California weaves complex layers of warp and weft to capture and share the mix of color, texture, pattern and structure that she sees in nature. She has been inspired by features of national parklands for many of her weavings, and expects to find a wealth of exciting visual material in Denali for translation into textile art with which to share the spirit and wonder of the park. (July)

 Lorraine Bubar is an artist and art educator who lives in Los Angeles, California. She creates intricate lacework papercuts that are kaleidoscopes of bold color, texture, and depth that celebrate the earth’s ecosystems. Her interest in this medium grew out of a love of traveling, and a desire to honor diverse cultures through an art form that crosses the boundaries of culture, art, and craft. She hopes to capture Denali’s mountains, plants, and wildlife through her unique papercuts. (July)

 Beau Carey is an artist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Vast surroundings, environments, and situations are conveyed in his landscape-based paintings through formalized compositions that focus on fundamental elements. He feels that interaction with a site is essential to what he creates, as “hands make different marks when they are cold and tired” and “your eye sees different things when presented with a spectacular national park out your back door”. (March)

 Linda Infante Lyons is a landscape painter from Anchorage, Alaska, who lived and painted for many years in Chile before returning to her childhood home in Alaska. She uses color to express emotions, and seeks to balance saturated colors to create a meditative, yet provocative sense of place. She paints mostly from memories gathered during outdoor excursions, and feels that Denali will provide her with the meditative space to paint, sketch, and reflect on future landscape paintings. (August)

 Angela Morales of Pasadena, California is a writer of creative nonfiction and an Associate Professor of English at Glendale Community College. She spends much of her time teaching people about finding their “voices” and how experiencing wilderness can help to do that. As many of her students have not been to remote, wild places, she hopes to bring some of her experiences in Denali back to her community to increase awareness about the beauty of Alaska and Denali National Park. (July)

 Nicole Stellon O’Donnell is a poet and essayist who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her novel-in-poems, Steam Laundry, won the 2013 WILLA Award in Poetry.  She writes poetry to create a space for reflection. During her Denali residency she plans to step outside, step away, and notice what is around her. What she finds while watching she will turn into poems to encourage her readers to pay attention to the world around us. (March)

 Tom Sexton is a former poet laureate of Alaska who has lived in the state for over fifty years. He is a Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he began the Creative Writing Program in 1970. Most of Sexton’s poetry can be considered nature poetry, but he is also the author of three collections about growing up in a decaying Massachusetts mill town.  He feels a special connection to Denali and is looking forward to spending an extended time in the park. (June)

 The Artist-in-Residence program is a national program that enables established artists to reside in a park while they create park-related art. Artists have played a significant role in raising public awareness of the natural wonders preserved within the National Park System and the need for their protection since the creation of Yellowstone, the first national park.

 Since 2002 the Artist-in-Residence program at Denali National Park and Preserve has hosted more than 45 artists and writers, and two invited composers. 

 Artists interested in applying for the 2015 season are encouraged to visit for information and to apply. The call for applications will be open from May 1 - September 30, 2014.

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