Letter: Student credits ASD’s highly gifted program for success

Hello, my name is Soren Gessner and I am sending this letter concerning the Highly Gifted and Gifted services at the Anchorage School District.

Before I went to an HG school, I went to O’Malley Elementary and it was a good school but didn’t give me any opportunity to expand my boundaries. I quickly joined the G program at O’Malley, or Ignite, and it was fun and interesting but it was only for 30 minutes.

 I then went on to join the HG program at Rogers Park and it was the most interesting and challenging course of my life. I was also surrounded by my peers who were all just as smart as me. At Rogers Park we got taught all the different types of literature, social studies, and math that were available to us. I currently go to Romig and I have amazing teachers who expanded my horizons even further.

I believe if I had not gotten into the HG program I would never be where I am now.

— Soren Gessner