Letter: Where is our compassion?

I am finding it impossible to wrap my head around the dichotomies I see in Anchorage (and Alaska). This morning’s paper gave the story of people being evicted from the Big Timber Motel who are ostensibly paying rent to live in squalor. If my memory serves me right, recently there was a lot of hullabaloo about millions of dollars for tennis courts.

Granted, Anchorage has a problem with homeless but those people at the motel are the marginalized who have minimal incomes and are trying to keep a roof over their family’s heads. No one should live without heat so that alternatives are used that could start a deadly fire. No way to safely cook except a hot plate? Bedbugs and shrews (is that a nice word for mice?)! When did we stop caring for people? Where is the humanity?

I guess it’s reserved only for those who have the means to afford it.

— Cherie Northon