Letter: Gov. Parnell’s proposal would create educational segregation

I applaud many of Gov. Sean Parnell’s proposals from his State of the State address, but cannot support the idea of public funding for private schools. I believe this would be a publicly funded form of educational segregation.

Having had kids recently go through the Anchorage school system, with another still in, I do understand the desire for something different. There are many flaws. But removal of both the student and the funding from these schools does not help the system or society, it just allows those with the ability to shuffle their kids to and from private and charter schools to separate themselves from those who do not have that luxury. For the long term, society as a whole cannot afford to continue the segregation of those that have from those that do not.

Perhaps a better approach is to look at the existing system, have an open discussion to make the corrections needed. Some of Governor Parnell’s ideas towards education do begin to address this, but I believe fall short from his stated goal.

— Russell Oswald



Anchorage Daily News