Letter: BSA increase is not enough

Gov. Sean Parnell’s proposed $200 per student increase over the next three years to the base student allocation (BSA) isn’t enough. Since 2011, school funding from the state has been flat, allowing increased costs of energy, health care, and insurance to erode the money that actually goes into educating our children.

 Education needs to be a priority on par with economic development projects in order to ensure a healthy future for our state. We don’t pay a state income tax, and Anchorage’s tax contributions have been capped so that no more of our municipal property taxes can go to our schools. This funding needs to come from the state.

The school district is being forced to make massive cuts to our schools with such inadequate funding. The state should fund the BSA to what it would have been if it had been increased in tandem with inflation since 2011, and then inflation-proof it for the future.

— Alison Arians