Letter: Republican voices seem to have gone silent in debate over schools

Where is the Republican voice in the educational debate? Seriously. So far we’ve heard from only one. The governor. And whether you agree with his ideas or not, the budgetary crisis in Alaska’s school districts is glaringly real. Knowing that, why are we hearing only Democrats rally for support of school funding? I am both ashamed and appalled my fellow Republicans are so willing to sit on the sidelines in this pending disaster and let one person decide for them.

Are they so afraid of political retaliation they will not speak out for our children and Alaska’s future? I do not agree with our governor and his tactics, but I do believe in Alaska’s constitution and the separation of church and state and nonpublic funding of private schools. This crisis is way beyond politics — or at least it should be. But our children are being used and abused in an idiotic game of political pingpong.

When it comes to our children, all of our children, there should be no political boundaries, only support and compassion.

— Wayne Jones