Letter: Cuts to staff lessen support and could even put lives at risk

I am very concerned about the upcoming $23 million in reductions that ASD is projecting for next year. Last year, the cuts resulted in the loss of nurses. As a parent of a child with an anaphylactic allergy, this greatly concerns me.

At my daughter’s school, there is no full-time or part-time nurse. There is no trained medical professional to make the split-second decision to save her life. Even with the best-laid plans with my daughter, her teacher and the staff at her school, a medical professional should be on site to make the decision and make sure safeguards are in place.

This year the cuts will go even deeper. The continued cuts to staff mean that many of the positions such as counselors, nurses and social workers are no longer available to provide the support our students need to be successful and safe.

I hope Gov. Parnell realizes the real life impact that budget cuts cause and how valuable I find my child’s life to be in his hands.

— Sue Armstrong