Letter: Don’t deny kids their future

They want to throw our kids under the bus! Our children are Alaska’s economic future. Our governor and our Republican Legislature have already succeeded in cutting taxes on Outside billionaire oil barons. Now they propose to dilute our already meager state funding for public education. Our children are the victims of this unending attack on government finances by vested interests. Our revenues are declining by $2 billion a year, hundreds of school teachers are being laid off while classrooms are bursting at the seams and no new oil production is on the horizon — which our governor promised when he cut their taxes. We can thank our governor and his Republican Legislature for nothing.

We must stop this giveaway of our natural wealth. Stand up for our kids, stand your ground for our children and the future of Alaska. Just say “no” to Parnell, Dunleavy, Gattis and all the other oil company cronies who have joined forces to deny our children the future they deserve.

— Sid McCausland


Anchorage Daily News