Letter: Ex-principal’s anecdote on Muslim schools is poorly chosen

Arge Jeffery writes: “Can you imagine the day when the Anchorage Islamic Academy opens on the public dime and you will have guaranteed it?” I’m fairly certain I’ve interacted with far more Muslims than has Mr. Jeffery. I’ve never heard one Muslim agitate for “vouchers” to fund Islamic parochial schools. Not one. Generally we eschew state-funded religious education. We either fund our own parochial schools or we opt for home schooling. And if Mr. Jeffrey didn’t intend his example to be a “slam” against our faith, then why use us as his example? Why not mention state-funded Catholic schools, or state-funded Jewish religious schools? Perhaps because we’re a convenient punching bag and he dare not risk offending them? And for an accomplished public educator — a principal, no less! — to resort to such cowardly fear-mongering sends a clear message to Anchorage Muslims that we would do well not to send our children to Anchorage public schools.

— Al-Hajj Frederick H. Minshall