Letter: Increase school funding

In Anchorage, my children have attended two private, three charter, and one neighborhood school.

Once private schools take government funding they will be subject to the same oversight as public schools: fiscally requiring larger class sizes, requiring open admissions policy; requiring teachers to be certified to work, as ASD requires.

Parents supporting Christian education can get a second job, as I did, to pay for private school. Waiting list figures for charter schools are misleading; lottery parents apply to several schools to gain admission. A major appeal of charter and private schools is classroom size — typically 25 students as opposed to 33 in our neighborhood school. Rather than divert funds to private school, we need to increase public school funding to decrease class sizes and begin to address the economic challenges addressed by Julia O’Malley’s article. Our governor and legislators whose children attended private school can support them through personal donation, not vouchers. Public schools rely on our moral conscience to fund Alaska’s greatest resource — our children.

— Marty Margeson