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Wasilla man arrested after belligerent conduct on Kotzebue flight, troopers say

Devin Kelly

A 21-year-old Wasilla man was arrested on assault and disorderly conduct charges after authorities said he became belligerent on an Alaska Airlines flight Friday morning.

About 8 a.m., Brennon Frankson was aboard Alaska Airlines flight 158 to Kotzebue when he "became agitated and belligerent to the flight crew," according to an Alaska State Trooper dispatch posted Friday.

Troopers met the plane when it landed in Kotzebue, but Frankson refused to get off the flight, the dispatch said.

"When he would not leave the aircraft he was escorted off, and in doing so assaulted a trooper and continued to be belligerent," the dispatch said.

Frankson is being held Kotzebue Regional Jail, and troopers said federal authorities would be notified.

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NOTE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly named the suspect as Brennon Franklin.