Letter: Pot tax could fund Alaska education

If the solution for funding the Anchorage School District is a city sales tax, then Alaska should follow suit with Colorado and Washington. Voting for the legalization of cannabis in August could be a solution. Just as in the previously mentioned states, a certain amount of revenue taxed from marijuana sales is allotted to education funding off the top. As prevalent as this commodity is in this state already, it’s foolish for us not to benefit from all the positives that will come with legalization of a plant — a plant that is less harmful than alcohol. (As recently admitted by our president and national drug czar.) It’s 2014 and times have indeed changed. We as a society need to replace the misinformation, propaganda and scare tactics that have demonized a benign substance for the last 100 years with proper education and real research. Hopefully then the eyes of the narrow-minded will open wide and accept the facts and science behind not only this issue but many others that plague society.

— Garrett H. Steigleman