Rosewood Coaching returns to Anchorage

Bobbie Sue Wolk, MS, CPEC, PCC, Certified Personal & Executive Coach, and co-owner with husband Rick Wolk of Rosewood Coaching, has moved the company back to Anchorage from Juneau. 

Bobbie Sue began Rosewood as an accounting firm after graduating from University of Alaska Anchorage. As she developed relationships with clients and became more deeply connected with people running small businesses, she learned the strengths and weaknesses of various business models and began exploring how to enhance the experience of the small business owner and improve the performance of the individual and the companies they ran or worked for. Not satisfied with focusing exclusively on the bottom line, she returned to school and successfully completed a Master’s degree program, making her the first certified personal and executive coach in Alaska.

“I am excited to bring Rosewood back to Anchorage and I look forward to moving people into excellence-coaching them to success both personally and professionally,” said Wolk.

"Bobbie Sue has a high level of knowledge and skill in the areas of coaching, business and psychology. In working with Bobbie Sue, I have found her to be insightful and articulate in state-of-the-art theories of coaching and consulting,” said colleague Deborah Welch, Ph.D.

Rosewood LLC has a worldwide client base, but has deep roots in Alaska, working for many small and large companies from Barrow, to Juneau, to Anchorage and beyond.  Rick and Bobbie Sue focus not only on the individual and achieving success on a personal level, but they are also adept at business audits, taking the time to sort through a company’s staff and policies and creating solutions for maximum personal performance and business success.



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